Increments: Sometimes it might be easy to fall into the trap of measuring ourselves against the visible successes of others. You might see social media personalities with amazing skills, quick wit, an impeccable home life, or with seemingly all the best and most...

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Looking for early readers

I'm looking for early, beta readers for "Mountain of Shadows," the second book in the City of Words series. Did you love the first book? Then read the second book, early, for free. You'll be sent a free copy of the book, and a small questionnaire that will help me to...

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Add this to your to-read list

The second book in the City of Words series is finished. I'm calling it "Mountain of Shadows." Now starts the months of editing, artwork, reediting, planning, continued editing, crying (for joy) when it's finally ready to be released to the world. But as of right now,...

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Keep going

Keep going: Writing is just finding the next best word... and then keeping that going until the story is complete. It's the kind of process that fits best into an 80s movie, training montage, with a catchy inspiring song playing in the background. Maybe something...

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Augmented Reality: Thoughts on Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality: I remember, clearly, the very first day that Facebook introduced their news feed function -- I was in college, and as I was walking back from the University library I remember thinking how weird it was to share your whole life with people over...

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Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks: Human genetic mapping has told us that we are all related, all descended from the same parents. In fact, the DNA that makes up for differences in physical appearance is so minimal (just 0.1 percent of all the genes that make us human) that our differences...

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Truly Alive

Truly alive: The two-dimensional is by definition flat. You cannot hug a picture. You cannot walk into a painting and live your life there. What you need is the third-dimensional characteristic of depth, of space, in order to grasp or to hold onto something; and you...

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Thoughts on Voting Day

I found this quotation in Saint Augustine's, The City of God (written in 411 A.D.), talking about the gradual decline of Roman morality and of Roman society, which led to its eventual downfall; and I thought that maybe on a primary election day in California, where I...

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Coming back to life

Coming back to life: A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of this tree, with all bare branches and dead-looking, but now it's leaves are grown and it's full again. And it made me think of the idea of death and resurrection, not of this concept in the ultimate sense, but...

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My thought for the day is actually a borrowed thought from Sir Thomas More taken from his book, Utopia--about the nearly perfect, imaginary civilization of Utopia. The broader quote reads like this "For they (the Utopians) marvel that any men be so foolish as to have...

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Chocolate Carrots

No one is ever really in danger of gorging themselves on lima beans. That's not really how we function, as people. We go for the sweets, the things that entice, and call out to us. At the risk of making this a "foodie" post, which is not my intention, I'll share a...

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Whenever we travel to Florida my wife and I like to visit the city of Celebration: the astonishingly preplanned, Disney-built town near the Magic Kingdom. It's what some might call endearing, or picturesque, or creepy, and all possibly within the same breath. A brief...

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Two Giveaways

I'm currently hosting two giveaway through Goodreads. Enter to win. The Road to Jericho Goodreads Book Giveaway The Road to Jericho by Steven J. Carroll Giveaway ends June 30, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway Win the entire Histories of...

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