Mountain of Shadows

One word has changed everything.

Always in hiding, never safe as long as the Common may be watching, while the all-powerful ruling authority, the Common, is most certainly plotting their ruthless and exacting revenge. With one word–“Revolution”–Alpha Robins has endangered so much, and has put the lives of everyone at risk.

Yet, as Alpha and the others wait, there has been nothing to do but to shelter in hiding, in the safety of their underground Sea Caves, as Alpha and Theta have learned to cope with their losses. But after so many months, living in the shadows, the world is forcefully changing again.

Alpha’s single word has caused a tide of unanticipated repercussions; and will compel him to make a decision: to stay in hiding, or to risk everything for the sake of those he’s learned to care about, and depend upon… to risk everything for Theta’s sake.

Mountain of Shadows is the second book in Steven J. Carroll’s City of Words series, an explosive, gut-wrenching ride, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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