Glow Sticks: Human genetic mapping has told us that we are all related, all descended from the same parents. In fact, the DNA that makes up for differences in physical appearance is so minimal (just 0.1 percent of all the genes that make us human) that our differences in skin color and outward physical traits are almost statistically irrelevant. So, biologically speaking we are only one species: human. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying to draw distinctions from where there are none. The idea of being “less human” or inferior in some way has been used as a justification by which to commit all types of evil against our genetic brothers and sisters; in America, in the early part of the twentieth century, we as a society passed forced sterilization laws in thirty-three states. We sterilized tens of thousands of people who were “feeble-minded”, or criminals, or if they were from ethnic minorities. So I say all this to give my own general caution to those who have read this far, and would care about this topic: Be wary of those who would want to say that some ethnicities are better or are more evolved than others, as if there were some “favored race.” When, in reality, we are just differently colored, or pigmented, glow sticks. No glow stick is more or less important because it is blue, or green, or red, or yellow. And you would never say, “because this glow stick is red, it is not a glow stick.” Nor would you say, “yellow glow sticks are superior to all other colors.” And likewise, we as humans are the same; the essence of who we are is not affected by something as simple as color.

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