Increments: Sometimes it might be easy to fall into the trap of measuring ourselves against the visible successes of others. You might see social media personalities with amazing skills, quick wit, an impeccable home life, or with seemingly all the best and most popular friends; and in those moments it would be easy to fall into a downward spiraling, “woe is me” type despair. Saying to yourself, “I could never be like so-and-so. Everything for them is so perfect.” Maybe you’ve found yourself in this spot right now, comparing your life to what you see in Instagram filters… Well cheer up. I’m here to share some good news.
Yes, you’re right. You can never be exactly like the perfect so-and-sos: you could never have their house, their exact style, or relationships. We can only be ourselves: either better or worse versions of ourselves, but, in the end, only ourselves. And so I’d like to present the idea that the best person we should be comparing ourselves to is ourselves: have we made terrible decisions yesterday? Make better ones today, in increments, in ways that maybe no one else could see by looking at us through the lens of a social media photo filter. That is one of the clearest ways to see if we are becoming the people we were created to be; we should measure our todays, not by someone else’s, but by our own yesterdays. And for yourself, “Have a better day than yesterday.”

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