Keep going: Writing is just finding the next best word… and then keeping that going until the story is complete. It’s the kind of process that fits best into an 80s movie, training montage, with a catchy inspiring song playing in the background. Maybe something like, “You’re the best, the best. Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.” Though in reality, the actual long-form, unabridged version of writing is nothing that you would ever pay money to see. It’s measured in months or years; and to the outside casual observer looking in, it’s probably altogether fantastically boring. But if you keep going, in the end, out of this seemingly monotonous process, you’ll have something that can be bound, and something that people may actually want to read. But that only happens by writing a full story. No one ever reads half a story, or watches half a movie and says, “That was amazing. I loved the surprise ending.” It’s true, in life, some things are only good if they are finished. (The obvious exception being cookie dough; that stuff is great just how it is.)

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