I found this quotation in Saint Augustine’s, The City of God (written in 411 A.D.), talking about the gradual decline of Roman morality and of Roman society, which led to its eventual downfall; and I thought that maybe on a primary election day in California, where I live, that it might be good to remember the past, and to look toward a fallen society as a warning to ourselves, that we should seek after mortality within our own lives, and that we should expect it from those of whom we decide to place into high office. The quote: ” ‘Rome’s severe morality and her citizens are her safeguard.’ …For what survives of that primitive morality which the poet called Rome’s safeguard? It is so obsolete and forgotten, that, far from practicing it, one does not even know it. And of the citizens what shall I say? Morality has perished through the poverty of great men; a poverty for which we must not only assign a reason, but for the guilt of which we must answer as criminals charged with a capital crime. For it is through our vices, and not by any mishap, that we retain only the name of a republic, and have long since lost the reality.” Or in my own words, the murder of a society is the loss of personal morality. It’s kind of heavy stuff, but happy voting day everyone.

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