Truly alive: The two-dimensional is by definition flat. You cannot hug a picture. You cannot walk into a painting and live your life there. What you need is the third-dimensional characteristic of depth, of space, in order to grasp or to hold onto something; and you need the additional forth dimension of time, in order to live your life. And so because of this, physicists say that we are considered to be four-dimensional beings: we live within three-dimensional space with the added element of time, so that we can function as people; otherwise, instead of being two-dimensional paintings, we would be, all of us, three-dimensional human sculptures, frozen in time, and still unable to live our lives, although we would technically still exist… Which is an incredibly boring and drawn out introduction for what I’m about to say, but I think the initial principles had to be gone over first. All this said (and I’m not trying to make new theology, I’m just giving a hypothetical), what if heaven exists; and if it does exist, what if, in heaven, it contains there, seven, or ten, or twenty other dimensions of which we are not yet currently aware. I believe that in that case, we would be like the painted images of ourselves, who have finally come to life, and saying, for the first time, “All my life, I have been a painting; but now, I’m not even simply a lifeless sculpture, frozen in time, I am instead a living, breathing, moving person–I am truly alive, in ways that I could never have grasped nor imagined before.”

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